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You Will Not Believe What Saging Na Saba Can Do to Your Body! Must Read!

The cardava banana, or saging na saba in the Philippines, is considered as one of the healthiest fruits.

Below are the benefits that we can get from eating saging na saba:

1. Regulates your circulatory system - This fruit is rich in potassium. This could be helpful in regulating your body's circulatory system by delivering oxygen to the brain. This helps maintain the regular beat of the heart and the proper balance of water content. 

2. Best source of vitamins, minerals and natural energy - Getting tired after a day full of activities will make you feel drained. Eating 2 cardava bananas could instantly boost your energy.

3. Stops constipation - Since it's a natural source of fiber, this could help prevent constipation. 

4. Eliminates hangover - After a long night of partying, you'll surely wake up with a hangover the following day. Try consuming a banana! 

5. Helps you quit smoking - Do you have a hard time quiting smoking? Consuming Banana will help you quit that vice! This contains Vitamin B and other types of minerals that reduces the effect of nicotine physically and psychologically. 

6. Treats Ulcer - This helps reduce the acidity in your stomach and promotes intestinal health by leaving a protective coating on the inner walls.



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