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President Duterte warns CPP-NPA leaders abroad: “I will alert the international police to arrest them”

It seems that President Rodrigo Duterte would not forgive the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA) for allegedly killing soldiers while the ceasefire agreement of the government was still effective.

“Unforgivable” President Duterte decided to end the talks between the government and CPP-NPA after the recent attacks that killed soldiers.

The President asked the CPP-NPA leaders to return to the country and surrender after the government decided to end the peace talks between the Communists and Philippines.

“Yung na-release temporarily to talk with us in Oslo, they should come back and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of this government, they are still prisoners. Walang pardon, walang amnesty, wala lahat,” President Rodrigo Duterte said in an interview with the press during his visit in his mother’s grave in Davao City.

He also threatened the Several CPP-NPA leaders including the Tiamzon couples who were freed to became the negotiator of the communists side in Europe to go home and surrender to the government or else he would ask the International Police to arrest them.

“Come home because you’re wanted and upon your arrival I will arrest you and place you back in prison. If you don’t want to go back, you’re fugitives. I will cancel your passports and I will inform the international police for an international warrant” President Duterte said.

CPP-NPA is now a “terrorist group”

President Rodrigo Duterte also considered the CPP-NPA as terrorist group for killing his soldiers that made him embarrassed.

“Nagmamagandang loob ka na nga, napapahiya pa ako sa sagot ng pu—- Akala mo kung sino” Duterte said.”You give them all the leeway and you return to me a stupid… From now on, I will consider the CPP-NPA-NDF a terrorist group.”

CPP-NPA ended their ceasefire agreement with the government after President Rodrigo Duterte failed to release the 400 political prisoners that they asked to release.

The Government, in response of the killings of their soldiers in the alleged recent NPA attacks also ended the ceasefire and ordered the arrest of the freed political prisoners who traveled abroad using the money of the government.

One of the soldiers killed sustained 76 wounds that angered the President.

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