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‘Maxine should have used Duterte to answer Miss U question’—Malaysian fan

After Maxine Media, Philippine candidate lost the Ms. Universe crown, it brought mix reactions from the netizens.
Some netizens bashed Medina for her not so well outstanding answer during the Q & A, while others showed their support to the candidate.
One Malaysian national commented and shared his thoughts on how should Maxine answered those question.
He said that Medina should have chose President Duterte as the significant change happened in the country over in 10 years.
According to him, if she answered Duterte then she should had been part of the top 3 in Ms. Universe.
This is the proof of Duterte's charm that even other national captivates by him. Truly the president is one of a kind, beloved by his people and the world.
He cited that Malaysians felt envy for Filipinos for having Duterte and he also expressed his love for the Philippines.
சதீஷ் குமார் If Phil has answered well on the significance change in 10 years.. you are absolutely in Top 3..She just need to talk about President Duterte.. Thats it. He is your significant changes. You cant get a better President that we Malaysians envy on you.. Love Malaysian..Phil is always beautiful...:) I miss your adobo n kare kare
Moreover, Maxine Medina was part of the top 9. Filipinos were still very proud of her achievements even if she haven't get the crown.
Source: Miss Universe


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