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Was miss France answer in Q&A portion misinterpreted? Here's Erwan translation!

With the Miss Universe 2016 officially in the books and Miss France Iris Mittenaere bringing home the prestigious crown, the grand event culminated in an exciting fashion. During the top 3 Q&A portion, many noticed the slight discrepancy between the translator and Mittenaere's answer, especially fluent French speakers.

This led many to seek a clarification on what Mittenaere's answer truly was. In an attempt to shed light towards the slightly mis-interpreted words of Miss France, Erwan Heussaff took to social media and offered his insight on his own translation based off the answer of Mittenaere in the Miss World beauty contest.

twitter post

His Twitter post skyrocketed online and provided an insight on Miss France's answer. Before Mittenaere was crowned the winner, many were pointing towards Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier as the crowd favorite on social media pulses in regards to winning the prestigious pageant. In the end, Mittenaere was crowned Miss Universe 2016 and Pelissier was the runner-up.

Sources: When in Manila, Rappler
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