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VP Leni Robredo Caught on Camera Wearing Expensive Shoes While Visiting Typhoon Victims Went Viral

Vice President Leni Robredo made headlines anew on social media after she was seen wearing an expensive shoes worth around $700 which is contrary to her pro-poor image and the Tsinelas leadership advocacy she wants the public to see.


The husband of the VP Leni was even known for his simplest lifestyle and often dubbed as the initiator of the "Tsinelas" leadership which the VP often emulates as a sign that she is indeed pro-poor.

During the time when VP Leni served as a lawmaker in the Philippine Congress, she was often seen donning tsinelas and even made tsinelas as her campaign symbol. She became famous online she was photographed donning tsinelas even in the halls of Congress during the Aquino presidency.

The mystery of the Tsinelas leadership of VP Leni Robredo was finally unmasked as she could not sustain it long wearing a tsinelas image which is not real according to some netizens.

A viral photo of VP Leni Robredo is currently circulating online wherein she was caught on camera wearing a very expensive shoes as first mentioned by Get Real Philippines FB Page.

Some concerned netizens took time to comment and revealed the mystery behind the shoes of VP Leni. The pair of shoes is no other than Salvatore Ferragamo which cost $700 in today's price.

Based on Amazon price lists which is considered as a little cheaper, the price of the said shoes is around $620.

Netizens were quick to lambasts the Vice President for her alleged opulent lifestyles but there are supporters of VP Leni who defended her from the attacks and bashing.

Source: Get Real Philippines FB Page


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