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VIRAL NOW: An open letter to VP Leni: The next time you feel like lying, call me before you open your stupid mouth

Vice President Leni Robredo became the limelight of the social media every time she opens her mouth and said something about the administration.

Since the LeniLeaks exposed, Robredo received millions of bashing from her critics.

The Duterte supporters also make fun of the viral #LumiLeniChallenge. Netizens also make their own version as if they were waiting for a bus.

Meanwhile, netizen Ahmedy Paglinawan wrote an open letter to Robredo and he writes at the end Satan's name as an author of the letter.

At the point when Leni opens her mouth to remark on an issue, she talks from the highest point of her head and the before she knows it, her mouth places her stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Read the open letter below:
An Open Letter

Her Excellency Maria Leonor Gerona RobredoVice-PresidentRepublic of the Philippines

Attention: Office of the Vice President (OVP) Staff

My very dearest Leni:

Fiery Greetings!

First, I congratulate you on winning the last national elections of your country, the Philippines. And may I just say your country is very prolific and thus very supportive of my interests.

Second, accept my sympathies on your unfortunate involvement in the recent "minor mishap," for lack of a better term, which has reached my attention most recently, and styled as #LeniLeaks. (To my chagrin and discomfort.) And may I just say "What is up with that?" Nevertheless, I still consider your nation as among the most helpful nations in terms of mutual aid and support with my organization.

Third, I am rather disturbed, and I do feel quite miffed, about the manner in which you personally, as well as officially, handled the challenges in light of the recent misfortunes I mentioned earlier. I sense a spiritual hesitation, a kind of self-doubt, in you. I can feel the veritable vexation your predicament is causing you. But, being the champion in dealing with these particular things, I still remain hopeful that you shall pull yourself together; and push on to greater depths or heights. (You pick; it certainly does not matter.)

But as I conclude this missive, I would very much like to tell you, with no less emphasis as do everything I have here written so far, that I am feeling rather embarrassed by your performance. (Pardon my vulgarity, please, bear with me.) Which is why my parting words for you, and trust that I leave you this with all my passion and love for all that We do, are:


You have put my name in a relatively shameful position, you puny little shit.

That is all. Damn you to heaven!

Sincerely or Otherwise,

[Original Signed]


The Purveyor of LiesTempter of the World and all of the Universe
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