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United States President Donald Trump has sent President Duterte a message of support

MANILA — United States President Donald Trump has sent him a message of support, President Duterte said on Tuesday.

In the course of talking about his drug war and the US response to it, Mr. Duterte mentioned that the new American leader was more receptive to him compared to his predecessor Barack Obama.

He said Trump sent him a message via Miss Universe organization President Paula Shugart.

Shugart is in the Philippines because the country is hosting the international beauty pageant

“According to Miss Shugart, US President Trump supports the Duterte administration,” the President said.

In contrast, he claimed that Obama wanted to recommend his prosecution by the International Criminal Court for the drug-related killings even though the US has not ever been a member of the tribunal.

“You go to hell. I don’t know if he’s already there,” he added.

Mr. Duterte said that between Trump who said he has been doing it right and Obama who has criticized him, he would listen to the former.

Mr. Duterte spoke to Trump over the phone in December to congratulate the latter over his win, and the two appeared to have hit it off.

He had said that Trump expressed his support for the Philippines’ war against illegal drugs and told him the Philippines has been doing it the “right way.”

Both leaders have also often been compared to each other, as both are known for their brash, outrageous statements.  SFM


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