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'Savage Girl' Na Nag-Viral sa Social Media Arrestado

One of the members of the pedophile ring that led by Australian Peter Gerard Scully was arrested in Malapascua Island in the province of Cebu in the Philippines.
Liezyl Margallo’s mugshot (left) and Liezyl as the masked girl in one of the videos produced by the pedophile Australian Peter Gerard Scully. Photos: NBI/INTERPOL

Liezyl Margallo, a 23 year old suspect that labeled by some newspapers as “savage girl” because a video recording proved her heartless acts to the young kids that she lured just to earn money.
Mugshot of Peter Gerald Scully, the parter of Liezyl in Crime. Photo 60 Minutes

Margallo, helped her 54 year old partner who fled from Melbourne, Australia in 2011 to set up a pedophile ring in the Philippines. She lured several street children into becoming Scully’s victim.

Scully was arrested last year and being detained in the Cagayan De Oro City Jail.

They are operating a secret site on the Dark Web called “No Limits Fun” and sold the videos up to $10,000 per view and sometimes they are performing live.

One of the videos where Margallo proved her crime was titled “Daisy’s Destruction” in the video, where a one year old was tortured by Margallo, Scully and another suspect livestream for the happiness of their customers.

The victim is crying nonstop while Margallo is torturing her, some sources said that the victim was burned alive to satisfy their viewers.

Investigators all around the world said that the video produced by Scully is one of the most horrifying videos of child abuse in history of cyber prostitution.

According to Margaret Akullo, Project Coordinator for the united Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and also an expert on child abuse investigation, she described the case as “horrific” and the worst case she had ever heard of.

NBI is also investigation if there’s an international syndicate that funding the operation of Scully in the Philippines.

After the Netizens became aware of the brutality of Scully and Margallo, they again called for the revival of Death Penalty and urged President Rodrigo Duterte to give justice for the victims of the heartless couple.

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