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Sass Rogando Sasot Reveals Possible Response of VP Robredo's Camp Against Duterte Supporters

Popular social media personality Sass Rogando Sasot unravels a secret showing the possible response of Vice President Leni Robredo once they were attacked on social media.

In a forwarded message shared by Sass Sasot allegedly sent by Pete Silva who works for the Office of the Vice President (OVP).

According to the letter Pro BBM/Duterte groups and influencers have launched simultaneous attacks on VP Leni starting 12 midnight today (Please check Maharlika, Sass, and Mr. Riyoh).

The letter even suggests the possible issues and the response that the Robredo supporters should answer once they were attack by the alleged Pro-Duterte and Pro-Marcos supporters.

For the past few days supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party made a simultaneous attack against Facebook Pages who were supporting President Rody Duterte. Mocha Uson was attacked online by some people posting alleged check supposed to be given to her while Sass Sasot became a constant target of VP Leni Robredo's supporters on social media.

Meanwhile, Here's the Complete Letter Supposedly Came from the Office of the Vice President:


Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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