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Open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Take action on detractors

In an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Duterte supporter RG San Luis asked that the social media giant take action on the “mass reporting” done against pro-Duterte Facebook pages by their detractors, most of which are affiliated with the Liberal Party.
San Luis said that the attempts to smear the Duterte administration are only hindering the president’s call for unity in the country and that it is a curtailment of the right to free speech.
Duterte won the May 2016 presidential election via landslide victory. The Mayor from Davao’s triumph, according to San Luis, can be credited to the “excellent social media strategy executed by his social media operatives.
Pro-Duterte continue to receive notifications that they are violating Facebooks community standards and that the reports caused the page “Senyora Santibañez” to be taken down despite having over a million followers.
“His [Duterte] detractors are composed mainly of the liberal intelligentsia elite in the Philippines coming from civil society” and the Ninoy Aquino-founded Liberal Party.
These efforts also exists overseas in the United States led by Loida Nicolas Lewis, widow of Reginald Lewis of Beatrice TLC fame who is a staunch supporter of the Liberal Party.
He also quipped on media agencies, both local and foreign, for their biased reportage causing “a raging battle on Facebook for the hearts and minds of our fellow Filipinos.”
Cited in the letter is the widely discussed “cursing” of President Duterte on then-US PresidentBarack Obama during the ASEAN Summit held in Vientiane, Laos last year. San Luis accused media parties on their misreporting and that file video shows that “Duterte did not curse President Obama.”

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