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New Evidence? 2000 Year Old Tom of Jesus Christ Discovery

Jerusalem, as we all know, is the place where Jesus Christ was crucified. It is considered as a Holy Land in Israel.

Christianity started about 2000 years ago in Judea, now Israel with Jesus Christ and His disciples who were witnesses to an amazing miracle when Jesus is being crucified unjustly to pay for the sins of mankind – that after three days he would rise to life to give hope to the hopeless world.

In Jerusalem, a group of archaeologists spotted the burial tomb of Jesus Christ, a few feet away from where they also claim to have found Jesus’ family remains including that of Mary Magdalene and their supposed loved child, Judah. Apparently, the writings and “evidence” found may mean that Jesus married, that He fathered a child, and that the existence of bodily remains means the Resurrection could never have happened.

A Biblical historian and Simcha Jacobovici, a controversial film maker, attached a camera on a robotic arm which resulted to the discovery of a 2000-year old tomb that has the engravings of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Mark Goodacre, a Biblical scholar said this is not the tomb of Jesus Christ. According to him, the engravings is a vessel not a fish.


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