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Maharlika Burns G. Toengi for Questioning Mocha Uson's Appointment as MTRCB Board Member (Video)

Former actress turned radio host in the United States, G Toengi questioned the credentials of Mocha Uson during a meeting between Filipino-Americans and Pres. Rody Duterte's representative, Sec. Martin Andanar of the Presidential Communications Office.

During the said meeting, G Toengi was given the opportunity to ask some questions regarding any situations in the Philippines. The former actress questioned the credentials of Mocha Uson on her appointment as board member of MTRCB.

According to G Toengi, she just wonder why Mocha Uson was appointed to become a board member of the MTRCB and what are her qualifications for the said job. She also questioned the former job of Mocha Uson and noted that she is not worthy of the position.

Watch the Full Video of Maharlika's Argument vs. G. Toengi:

G. Toengi asked Sec. Martin Andanar "What qualification she has for this position? Ms. Toengi asked Sec. Martin Andanar. The veteran TV host now PCO Secretary Martin Andanar told G Toengi that the former actress is an entertainer, singer and dancer and considered as the biggest blogger that supports Pres. Duterte. Pres. Duterte's decision to appoint Mocha as part of MTRCB should be respected also.

Aside from Sec. Martin Andanar who defended Mocha Uson, veteran video blogger and a well-known social media personality Maharlika responded to Ms. G Toengi's questions to Sec. Andanar.

According to Maharlika, she respected the opinion of G Toengi, but explained that Mocha is indeed worthy of her position as MTRCB Board Member. Maharlika noted that Mocha Usonn finished a Bachelor's degree.

Ms. G Toengi was not convinced with Mocha's educational attainment as she stated that MTRCB is for entertainment and not for medicine.

Maharlika responded by a burning arguments as she stated that "Kung meron tayong mga bugok na Congressman na ang iba diyan ay walang qualifications, bakit di natin pagbigyan ang isang Mocha Uson na maglingkod sa ating bayan, di po ba?” Maharlika told Toengi.

After the statement of Mocha Uson, the crowd couldn't control their emotions as they clapped the brilliant arguments presented by Maharlika.

Source: Maharlika's YouTube Account


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