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LOOK: Viral Photo Of Robredo Attended Duterte Rally, Debunks Leni's Statement 'i Did Not Join Any Rally'

Vice President Leni Robredo did not respond to the controversial emails, where her allies plan to unseat President Rodrigo Duterte.

Robredo said on Sunday that no need to explain about the LeniLeaks. It seems that she still denied her involvement in ousting Duterte.

Earlier, Robredo already denied that she and other members of Liberal Party are planning any movement to overthrow the president.

"Before I don’t know what the reason, but when the president was interviewed last Christmas, he said that I was a part of rallies to oust him. That is not true, I did not join any rally," Robredo said.

But a photo of Robredo was doing the rounds online attending the Duterte rally was caught.

According to the post, Robredo has attended a rally in EDSA. The rally it was referring was the Black Friday protest vs Marcos burial at LNMB last November 25, 2016.

During the rally, aside from the placards protesting against the burial. The rallyist also included placards that tell: Duterte resign.

The viral photo was shared by Thinking Pinoy and he said, Leni Robredo, may family reunion din dito planned over a year ago? #LeniLeaks
The rally were also attended by Mar Roxas and Kiko Pangilinan. Both wore black during the rally and here you have VP Leni Robredo wearing White.

Leni’s white upper outfit in the photo perfectly reflects the wishes of the Black and White movement organizers.

The following day, which was Saturday, Leni received a text message from Secretary Jun Evasco telling her not to attend the HUDCC Cabinet meeting.



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