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Edu Manzano Pinuri Si Duterte For Not Tolerating "Bullsh*t"

Edu Manzano has expressed his admiration and support to President Rodrigo Duterte's administration.
Trending News Portal stated that the actor, who also happened to be a senatorial candidate in the previous election, praised Duterte for his "gust, character, determination and will."
According to Manzano, he believes that the President is heading in the right direction.
He also stated that the country has been in need of a person who has the guts and one who gets to look at the "social ails" that plague the Philippines.
Manzano stated that he does not focus on the person, rather on the change that the said person brings.
He further emphasized that he supports change. He doesn't mind who does it, but what he wants is someone who is sincere, one who can effect change and make the Philippines a better place for Filipinos.
He also stated that there's no single formula for making the lives of Filipinos better, and you don't need to be rich to effect change and to sever.



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