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BEWARE: Mag-Ingat sa LPG SCAM! Must Share


Criminals may have no plans to stop making new Modus Operandi just to victimize innocent people.

One post of an unidentified Facebook user about a group of people having a new way of scamming residents had gone viral.

Allegedly, the group consisting at least 5 person, will knock on each house, introduce themselves as employees of either Bureau Of Fire Protection or Safety Organization of the Philippines and tell the home owners that they're conducting a survey and need to check the condition of their Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or famously known to many Filipinos as "Gasul".

Worried about their safety, residents will let them enter their home unknowingly that they are about to be scammed.

Two persons will then check the LPG and the stove. Once they're done, they will tell the resident of the house that they have a defective LPG hose by showing them how the bubbles form where the supposedly hole is present once they put a little dish washing soap on it.

They will sugarcoat the residents how dangerous it is to have a defective LPG hose and that it is need to be change with a new one. And that's where the scamming will take place.

The group will inform the victim that they have brought a new hose and the home owners will just have to pay them cash or by installment.

The post had acquired thousands of shares and comments from Netizens who shared their own experiences about the LPG scam.

With this, authorities had warned citizens to be careful and be vigilant with people doing door-to-door surveys because they might just lure people to milk some money.
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