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WATCH: Presidential Chopper used as air ambulance to ambush victims in Marawi

Netizens noticed that Presidential Chopper for the first time was used as an air ambulance to rescue the injured members of Presidential Security Group and some members of the military after they were hit in the blast of a suspected IED in Marawi City on Tuesday.
Some victims were severely wounded and needed to be brought in the nearest hospital immediately. Fortunately, there’s a Presidential Chopper available in that place and it became an air ambulance to carry the wounded victims to the nearest safe zone.
Photos from PTV4 showed the Presidential Chopper carried the ambushed victims to the fourth infantry division headquarters in Cagayan De Oro City.

Office of the Communication Secretary also confirmed that a Presidential Chopper was really used to rescue all the victims of the ambush that allegedly planned by the Maute Terrorist Group.
One of the plan of President Duterte is to convert some of the Presidential Chopper into Air Ambulance for the wounded soldiers.
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