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WATCH: The Biggest Shabu Lab Found In Pampanga Can Produce Up To 100 Kg Per Day

Authorities says that it’s the biggest not just in Pampanga but biggest in the country.

Seven industrial distillators, a reaction mixer and a combustion tower were found at a shabu laboratory which was shut down on Thursday (Sept. 22) by the Pampanga police, Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino, Central Luzon police director, said according to an Inquirer.net article.

Senior Supt. Rodolfo Recomono Jr., Director of Pampanga Provincial Police Office said that

This is the biggest shabu laboratory discovered not only in Pampanga but in the entire country, so far,

Capable of producing 50 to 100 kilograms of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) per day, the lab is disguised as and registered as a piggery is located near Cong Dadong Dam.

Each of the hyrdogenators has the capacity to yield 50 to 100 kilograms of shabu per day, per assessment of the crime laboratory chemists, while the chromatograph machine is used for determining the purity of the finished product, Recomono said

Recomono said the laboratory is surrounded by 8 to 10-feet high concrete fence, sitting in the midst of hog farms beside it and a melting plant for recycling plastics.

It’s a good thing we discovered this laboratory before it could produce and distribute finished products out to the market,” Recomono said. “My instruction to all police chiefs in the province is to be pro-active. And it paid.

Watch the video here:



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