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VIRAL VIDEO: Watch the Difference Between Pres. Aquino & Pres. Duterte

A viral video is currently circulating online featuring some of the promises made by former Pres. Benigno S. Aquino but he failed while Pres. Duterte accomplished without giving promises but did most of the talking through initiating measures to accomplish every ordinary Filipinos dream.

During the 2010 national election while campaigning for the Presidency, former Senator Aquino promised to fight for free education for all Filipinos. He failed big time but Pres. Duterte did not even promised such things but made some results as he approved the budget allocations for Free Tuition to all SUC students.

Watch the Viral "Salita vs. Gawa" Video: Spot the Difference:

Former Pres. Aquino also promised for an affordable health services of the government but the Duterte administration did not only promised for an affordable health services, starting 2017, Pres. Duterte will provide Free Medicines for poor Filipinos. He also ordered PhilHealth to enlist all Filipinos to be bonafide members of the health care program.

Pres. PNoy also promised that he will lead the country on our fight against poverty and he miserably failed on this aspect of his campaign promise. For Pres. Rody Duterte in just a span of 4 months, he signed an executive order adopting 25-year to wipe out poverty.

The former Pres. Aquino also promised to fight against corruptions but he also failed, for Pres. Duterte in just a few months he was able to suspend a total of 44 members and officials of LTFRB when they were proven to be involved in various irregularities and corruption activities.

Source: Team Philippines FB Page

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