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VIRAL VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao Na T.K.O kay Bong Go

A video of Senator Manny Pacquiao and President Rodrigo Durterte's longtime aide and executive assistant Christopher "Bong" Go doing a mock boxing match is making the rounds on social media.
Pacman, who is renowned to be one of the best boxers in the world, was spotted in a seemingly heated bout with the president's right hand man.
Go uploaded the footage on his Facebook account.
"Pambansang Photobomber knocks out Pambansang Kamao. May bonus pa… pati DTI Secretary Mon Lopez, knock out din," Go wrote in the caption.
The first scene showed that Pacman was winning against Go, whereas the second part revealed a victorious Go throwing punches at the sleeping world champ.
The clip which lasts for not more than a minute has already been viewed almost 350,000 times with nearly 5,000 shares as of posting.
Tagged as the Philippines' Pambansang Kamao, the newbie senator is also known for his rags-to-riches story and for giving the country honor and pride.

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