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TRUE OR FALSE? Drug Problem Started in Aquino's Administration?

The social scientists took the time to study the PH’s problem in extra-judicial killings. Their research suggests that a country that has a weak state and desperate population for security tend to push everyone to commit bad decisions that adds up the violence to the unbeatable level and indeed impossible to stop.

The Beginning

According to New York Times’ report, the root of the current problem of the Phillipines can be traced to the previous administration; which is former Benigno Aquino III.

Wherein the public have lost their confidence and trust to the government. It can be recalled during Aquino was elected in 2010, he promised to support the rule of law and human rights.

It turned out that he’s unwilling to take necessary actions to solve the problems of the Philippines.

Duterte’s Administration

Now when President Rodrigo Duterte assumed the office in June 30, 2016, he vowed to eradicate and stop the illegal drug trades by implementing the anti-drug campaign.

Whereas, the campaign is consideres as extra-judicial killings or against the human rights by the majority.

The Outcome

Relatives of those drug addicts that were killed during in buy-bust operations and vigilante groups are now crying for justice.

Prior to that, Phelim Kine a Deputy Director of the Asia Division and Human Rights stated:

“The facts is that the judicial system, court system is broken in the Philippines. When you factor is elements of corruption and perception that people can buy themselves protection from the police or buy themselves out of trouble.”

Meanwhile, a professor at Mexican Autonomous Institute of Technology Gema Santamaria and Research Director at Florida International University’s Latin America And Carribbean Center; Miguel Cruz have studied the reason why Duterte’s supporters accept the extra-judicial killings.

“People who didn’t have faith in their country’s institutions were more likely to say vigilante violence was justified.”



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