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TATAK DUTERTE! P24 Billion Reclamation Project For Offshore Logistic Park To Be Constructed In Zambales

A 200-hectare reclamation project for the modern offshore logistic park and industrial estate will be constructed off the coast of the municipality of San Felipe in Zambales, between the mouth of Santo Tomas and Maloma rivers.

According to Governor Amor Deloso, it should be a logistic park put in place and start operating, and will be accessible to all shipping companies utilizing one of the world’s busy shipping route on which an estimated US$5 trillion worth of goods pass annually.

Furthermore, Deloso said the off shore logistic hub will provide relevant services for trans-Pacific container and bulk carriers during port calls, similar with major hubs in Asia such as in Singapore and Malaysia and will compete in terms of pricing and speed of turn-around to achieve relevance with the international carriers.

He said taking the chunk of services needed by the shipping companies, such as oil, gas and chemical storage, and transhipment port, the logistic park will generate revenues to the province and create direct and indirect employment to local residents of host municipality of San Felipe.

Moreover, Deloso said the project is expected to be finished in seven years starting from designing the plans to development works at the cost of P24 billion and will be entered into a joint venture agreement with the province of Zambales through the private-public partnership (PPP) mode.

“At the beginning of the project, we expect that many local heavy equipment operators will be employed. Then small entrepreneurs will start sprouting near the barracks where workers stay and work,” said Deloso adding, “That is where better life begins for the residents.”

In addition, he said the project will attract new investments, including transport providers and commodity retailers, to address the needs of the expected inbounds of migrants and commuters, which are important part of the job generation

The project proponent is FWI, Inc. a locally incorporated entity based in Makati City, Philippines, with multinational affiliation and engaged in dredging business and trading of marine sand for reclamation projects.

Source: Sunstar


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