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SIBAK NA SA PWESTO! Bato to dismiss 174 policemen who tested positive for drug use before Christmas

A list consisting of 174 policemen will be submitted to Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa today for his signature, which would approve the dismissal of said policemen.
According to ABS-CBN news, these policemen would be ordered dismissed as they tested positive for drug use.
In an interview, Bato said that the Internal Affairs Service has already submitted said list and it’s only his signature that is needed to formalize the dismissal of the 174.
“Once na mapirmahan ko ngayon, bye na kayong 174,” said dela Rosa.
In expectation that the 174 policeman will be appealing their dismissal, Bato also gave them a warning and said that he will block their attempts at being reinstated.

He told them directly that they must not try to appeal their dismissal through the National Appellate Board.
He said that for as long as he lives, he will make sure that these 174 policemen won’t be reinstated.

If these policemen will deem that it is already being done on a personal level, then he would actually do it on a personal level too.

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