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REVEALED: Actress Binisto Si De Lima! P33,000/night na Hotel During US Visit

Former actress and considered as one of the country's most prominent celebrity, Vivian Velez shared an article from a friend revealing a very interesting expose about the accommodations of Sen. De Lima in the US.


According to Vivian Velez, a friend of Abe Paruggunan, named Dan Jimenez was given the message that Sen. De Lima was staying at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, Washington, DC.

Dan Jimenez then check the hotel and confirmed that the senator indeed checked in but she already checked out from the famous hotel.

The senator allegedly stayed in the Grand Premier Room which costs $680 (per today's exchange rate that is P33,854 pesos) per night. The amount is huge enough compared to the P90,000 pesos per month received by Sen. De Lima as a public servant.


Here's the Complete Statement of Vivian Velez on Facebook:

I was given the message that De Liema was staying at the 4 seasons hotel in Georgetown, Washington, DC. After I tried to get connected to her room, I was informed by the hotel that she has checked out. Lost opportunity to express what I and other kindred spirits really feel about her. 

She stayed in the grand Premier Room which costs $680.00(per today's exchange rate that is 33,854 pesos) per night. That is kinda stiff if you ask me, even for a senator making 90,000 pesos a month. Unless of course, she has other sources of income which Dayan maybe able to shed a light on. - by Dan Jimenez 

Thanks Abe Purugganan

Source: Vivian Velez FB Page


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