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NAPAHIYA! Gordon on Trillanes: ‘Hindi kasi abogado eh’

Senate committee on justice chairman Richard "Dick" Gordon hits back Senator Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV after the latter called the Senate panel's report on extrajudicial killings "a piece of garbage."

Gordon asked an apology to his fellow senators for Trillanes reaction.

“I’m sorry that he said that about his fellow senators. I don’t know where he comes from and he calls hard work garbage,” Gordon said.

He also lambasted Trillanes for his loose tongue and attributed his remark to his lack of Law education background.

"Maybe sa kanya hindi lang mapaunlakan ang gusto niyang palabasin. Hindi kasi abogado eh. Kung gusto mong maipalabas kailangan mapatunayan mo. Kung di mo mapatunayan ‘wag mong sasabihing garbage,” Gordon said.

Gordon had left a scathing remark for Trillanes, alluding to his remarks as "garbage" by saying, "it takes one to know one.”

Trillanes had earlier stated that the said report of the justice committee is a cover-up for the extrajudicial killings which worsened upon Rodrigo Duterte's ascent to the presidency.

Trillanes had also labeled Gordon as "sipsip" after calling his (Gordon's) report as a product of "selective justice" and "twisted logic."



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