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LOOK! Sol. General, Kinontra Si De Lima! Tinawag Ang Senadora Na “Diva Of Drugs”! Alamin Kung Bakit!

“I hereby put a challenge to De Lima. She accused me that I have an empty skull. She was a former secretary of justice. I challenge her to reveal her grade in criminal law during the Bar exam, if her grade is higher than mine, I will resign as Solicitor General. But if my grade is higher than hers, she should resign as Senator of the Philippines,”

Ito ang naging hamon ni Solicitor General Jose Calida kay Senadora Leila De Lima, matapos sabihin ni De Lima na walang utak ang mga tagasunod ni Presidente Duterte.

“are only expected to echo (President Rodrigo Duterte’s) insanity, the same way his crazy ideas are simply echoed inside the empty skull of his fanatic followers.”  sabi ni De Lima sa isang panayam.

Hindi kinasahan ni De Lima ang hamon na ito ni Calida at sinabing isang foolish challenge lang daw ang hamon ng solicitor general. Kaya may bagong bansag ngayon si Calida kay De Lima.

 “And I have a new epithet for her. She is now the diva of drugs in this country,”</strong> sabi ni Calida.
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