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Duterte to corrupt gov’t officials: "Kayo ang susunod! Humanda na kayo!"

MANILA, Philippines – Reiterating his no-nonsense policy on corruption in government, President Rodrigo Duterte warned erring officials that they’re next on his to-do-list.

“I said if I become president, I will do away with corruption in government and it will be. Believe me. I will really go after the corrupt. I am committed to it,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying during the alumni homecoming of the San Beda College of Law. “I ask everybody working under me, under this government, under the executive department, to please hear me out because I will really pounce on you.”

Duterte then asked the public to help in his anti-corruption drive by informing him of corrupt officials.

“Never mind about libel and all,” he said. “The people of the Philippines can just tune in and they would know the idiots who are corrupting this country.”

While indicating his willingness to apologize to the ones who will be falsely accused, Duterte said he will not stop naming and shaming corrupt government officials.

“Fair is fair. But to the others, I’m sorry. I will really put you to shame. I will ask you to resign. That’s the only way,” he said.

Duterte’s latest tirade comes days after he demanded the resignation of Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) officials after their Bids and Awards Committee chief took his life allegedly because he had been pressured by his superiors to approve a contract that never underwent public bidding.

ERC chair Jose Vicente Salazar has denied the corruption allegations and is seeking an audience with Duterte to explain his side.
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