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BEWARE! Illegal Recuitement for Portugal Na Bisto ng PH Authorities

The Philippine Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal has issued a warning against the existence of online recruitment scams, that are trying to lure people to work in Portugal.

Based on Kicker Daily’s report, the embassy released its advisory due to the growing number of Filipinos who have fallen victims to these scams.
According to Inquirer, the recruitment starts with an email, which purportedly comes from a company in Portugal.
The email would be making the recipient an excellent offer, something that one could hardly refuse.
It would also promise that the company would be the one to process the visa permits and other documents needed.
The scammers are so wise that they would also choose good-looking and established Portuguese companies, copy their websites, but change the contact info.
Of course, everything was done with the final goal of asking money from the recipient of the email so that the said recruiter can “process” the documents.

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