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Baste Duterte Nanawagan Sa Lahat ng Duterte Supporters Na Magkaisa Para sa Planong Impeachment ni President Duterte

A viral video is currently making the rounds online showing a call for unity of Filipinos against the plot initiated by some powerful individuals supported by alleged international financier. The viral video was first shared by presidential son, Baste Duterte who warned against the plot initiated by some individuals.

The plot to oust President Duterte was allegedly started by "power grabber," Loida Nicolas-Lewis who calls for the President to resign and asked Vice President Leni Robredo to take over.

The viral video was created by CinEmotion Digital Films as they sought public support to protect Pres. Duterte from Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

The message of the video reads: "Our dream of having true change for our country is happening but some tries to kill our democracy out of the pain, sacrifices we have made. Do we just let them stop the Change?

Loida Nicolas-Lewis, the billionaire financier of Mar Roxas during last year's election made a public appearance earlier asking Pres. Rody Duterte to resign and allow VP Leni Robredo to take over peacefully.

Watch the Viral Video Shared by Baste Duterte:


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