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Atty. Rivera Exposed How VP Robredo Deceived Filipinos on Her Bus Riding Stunt

Popular social media personality and a known supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, Atty. Bruce Villafuerte Rivera exposed another controversy involving Vice President Leni Robredo who became popular on social media because of her alleged publicity stunt waiting for a bus ride on her way to Bicol.

The former Congresswoman made headlines on social media as well as the mainstream media after a photo of her was posted on Facebook showing the widow of the late Jesse Robredo waiting for a bus ride on her way to Bicol.

Atty. Rivera exposed the real story behind the controversial photo on his latest post on social media. According to Atty. Rivera asked if the viral photo was taken under the Skyway or the Expressway and if that is the case, how come a provincial bus will stop at the Expressway?

Here's the Complete Revelations of Atty. Bruce Rivera:


Look at the picture. Our VP, nag-aabang ng bus going to Bicol. Duon siya sumikat kasi imagine mo lang na abogadang asawa ng pinaslang na public servant ay nagcocommute lang. 

Pero teka?

Sa ilalim ba yan ng Skyway? Sa Expressway ba yan? Correct me if I am wrong. No, I am not wrong. Nasa Expressway yan. May tumitigil palang provincial bus sa Espressway? Better yet, may tumitigil kayang sasakyan sa Expressway? 

Ano kayang iniisip ni Ate VP? Na kaya niya tayong bolahin. Na pwede tayong linlangin. Or baka pictorial lang ito kasi trip niya at walang planong lokohin ang mga Pilipino. At sa magsasabi na pwedeng sumakay ng bus sa Expressway. Subukan niyo po. Bata pa naman kayo. 

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera Bruskoday

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera FB Page


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