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ANO RAW? De Lima: People of the Philippines, your President is a murderer, father of all EJKs

Senator Leila de Lima slammed President Rodrigo Duterte by calling him a “murderer” and “father of all EJKs” (extrajudicial killings). That was after Duterte defended the policemen who were involved in Espinosa's slay.

De Lima said Duterte was the one who ordered to kill Espinosa.

“That is an admission that he is the mastermind of such extra-judicial killing. That says it all about the EJK phenomenon,” De Lima said.

De Lima said Duterte’s statement “seals his fate as the Father of all EJKs” first in Davao City and now, the entire country. 

“Together with Edgar Matobato’s testimony on the Davao Death Squad (DDS), Duterte’s admission seals his fate as the Father of all EJKs, first in Davao City, now throughout the entire Philippines, with the number of his victims now beyond the five thousand mark, and still rising.”

According to the report, the killings of Mayor Espinosa was a rubout.

“Nothing can be clearer than that. What we now have is a Presidential Death Squad,” De Lima said. 

“Now we all know that the order and command to murder Espinosa in cold blood came from none other than the President himself. People of the Philippines, your President is a murderer,” De Lima added.

De Lima said the public should pray that Duterte puts a stop to the recent rampant killings in time for Christmas.
Source: Inquirer, GMA


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