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Ang Tunay Dahilan Kung Bakit Kenansela Ni James Taylor Ang Concert Niya Sa Pilipinas

Popular international singer-songwriter James Taylor announced earlier in a highly publicized report that he will be cancelling his Philippine concert due to the alleged problems of extra judicial killing under Pres. Rody Duterte's admin but some netizens uncovered the real reason behind the cancellation.

In a viral Facebook post created by concerned netizen TJ Moncupa, she screen captured the ticket sales of the James Taylor concert in the Philippines and uncovered that there's only few sales which may lead to the cancellation of concert.

The netizen noted that James Taylor concert was cancelled not because of the artist's political stand but because of the poor ticket sales as seen on their official website. She noted that based on the photos he posted all the red boxes were unsold although ticket sales started as early as October.

TJ Moncupa's post went viral on social and further reached to most of the Duterte supporters when popular Facebook personality, Sass Rogando Sasot shared his discovery on her Facebook Page with more than 275K followers.

A concerned netizen who commented on the post made by Sass Sasot also revealed that as of yesterday only 2,352 tickets were sold out of the allotted 15,000 - 16,000 tickets.

The cancellation of the James Taylor concert in the Philippines was heavily reported by various news media organization in the country as well as international press who reported the incident and linked it up with the controversial EJK issue in the Philippines.

Watch the Video Report from USA Today:

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot / TJ Moncupa / YouTube



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