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'We must unite and push for the impeachment of this unjust ombudsman'- Greco Belgica

Once again, Atty. Greco Belgica showed his deep-seated aversion towards Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and now, he's calling the Filipinos to unite and impeach the Ombudsman in her post.

Atty. Belgica already expressed in his previous post that he wanted Morales to resign because of being bias in probing PNP chief dela Rosa while not doing anything against Sen. De Lima and to some officials involved in the DAP case.

Lately, he accused Morales as a "yellow army protector."

He said Morales was protecting the corrupt and the cuddling the drug lords.

Meanwhile, Morales already did a fact-finding investigation against De Lima. But also, continued to investigate Dela Rosa and even President Duterte.

That's why Belgica was not more pleased hearing that news. Rather than prioritizing the most scandalous case of the PDAF, DAP, and Yolanda funds. She turned her heads to the case of Duterte and Dela Rosa.

Belgica urged the public to help him impeach the Ombudsman.

One netizen suggested making a signature campaign to oust Morales.

Kindly, check out the post of Belgica:
 O, ano masasabi nyo dito?

Behind this investigation is De Lima and the Liberal Party. We must unite and push for the impeachment of this unjust ombudsman na nagpapagamit sa mga kurap at drug lord protectors. Walang sariling isip, partial at namumulitikang huwes.




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