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Trillanes hits masses for believing Duterte’s ‘lies’: "Ang mga Pilipino na [ang] may deperensya kasi nagpapauto tayo!!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Thursday said he was no longer surprised with President Rodrigo Duterte breaking his vow to no longer curse in public, saying that the latter has a history of lying.
“Hindi na bago iyan. Sinabi niya na hindi siya tatakbo bilang Pangulo, three to six months wala nang kurapsyon, traffic etc. Sakay na sakay naman ang mga Pilipino…Sinabi niya dodoblehin ang sweldo ng pulis

at sundalo, wala naman nangyari,” Trillanes said in a press conference.
“Ang mga Pilipino na [ang] may deperensya kasi nagpapauto tayo,” he added.
Duterte has recently vowed to quit cursing after claiming that he had a brief encounter with God while on the plane back to the Philippines from Japan.
But just on Wednesday, Duterte threw expletives anew against the United States in connection with a Reuters report that the US State Department has cancelled the sale of about 26,000 assault rifles to the PNP supposedly because of the high number of human rights violations under his administration.

Trillanes said that aside from condemning the President’s “intellectual dishonesty”, his supporters are even the ones coming up with alibis to defend his supposed “lies” and expletives.
“There is something wrong with him, then hinahayaan pang magpalusot…We offer alibis for him, intellectual dishonesty na,” Trillanes said.

In the same press conference, Trillanes also hit some of his fellow senators for supposedly acting as “apologists” of Duterte especially on the issue of extra-judicial killings (EJKs).

Trillanes reiterated his earlier allegation that Duterte was behind the rising cases of EJKs in connection with his administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.
“Open your eyes. To the Filipino people, niloloko na tayong lahat. Worse, pinapatay na nga tayo dahan dahan and he is doing it in your face,” Trillanes said.


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