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The opening of the case of Hacienda Luisita massacre was lifted yesterday morning by Senator Ralph Recto. "If were going to study the Extra Judicial Killings, we should involve the Hacienda Luisita massacre". It all begun by lending the farmers some money and their land is the collateral, If the farmers cant pay, the farmland will be taken away. Many farmers wasnt able to pay because of their huge interst so one by one farmlands became Cojuanco property. Because of that Cojuanco land holdings increased dramatically.

In 1930's the Cojuancos are the biggest Land-owning clan in Central Luzon. Owning 12,000 hectares of land controlling the rice trade of the entire province in Tarlac. Corazon Aquino the daughter of  the heir is married to Benigno Aquino the son of Tarlac congressman, two powerful families became one. President Magsaysay said, after 10years from this year, the farmers can have the 6,400 hectares of your farmland back. when the farmers tried to reclaim their land, No land is been distributed and they have been killed one by one, here are some of the victims of this mass killings. not including the 13 farmers died in Mendiola massacre after Cory Aquino ordered to open fire at the farmers, Lupao massacre which killed 17 farmers, 6 children 2 elders dead, 816 Desaparacidos dead, 135 cases of massacre, 1064 victims of summary execution.

Dec 8 2004 Marcelino Beltran - witness of Hacienda Luisita massacre

Jan 5 2005 Bodyguard of Noynoy Aquino Openfire to 20 Farmers in the picket line

Mar 3 2005 Councilor Abelardo Ladera - Has the access of documents about Luisita supposed to bring into senate

Mar 13 2005 Father William Tadena - Sympathizers of farmers, Rev William has been shot by the body guards of Congressman Noynoy Aquino. winessed by Father Jun Flores.

Mar 17 2005 Victor "Tata Ben" Conception - 66yrs old active supporters of the farmers.

Oct 15 2005 Florante Collante - Critics against Aquino Family

Oct 3 2006 Bishop Alberto Ramento - Vocal critic about the brutal killing of his fellow priest stabbed 7 times

Mar 17 2006 Tirso Cruz - Leader of United Luisita Workers Union, shot in front of his father and brother.

And many more.


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