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Ready For Transfer! Buses Arrive In Tacloban To Carry The Yolanda Victims To Their New Homes

The bus that will carry the Yolanda victims in Tacloban who lose their houses 3 years ago has arrived to transport them to their new houses.

Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas announced the good news on their social media account on Sunday.

Ceres Buses have arrived in Tacloban and now parked at the Astrodome, they are getting ready to transport hundreds of families.

These buses will transport all the settlers from their bunkhouses to their new homes tomorrow.

According to the Office of the Presidential Assistant, the buses will not leave immediately and they will stay for six more months to transfer the students to their school and workers whose jobs are in the city.

They buses will not leave until a new PUV route is established from the relocation site in the City.

Around 280 families are scheduled to join the first batch of the Yolanda victims who will move to their permanent homes on Monday and they estimated that more than 8,000 families may enjoy Christmas in their new homes after President Duterte ordered to rush the construction of the permanent resettlement sites.

Presidential Assistant for Visayas Michael Dino assured that the beneficiaries will be equipped with water and electricity before the transfer.

The fast action of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas gained positive comments from the Netizens and they praised Dino for following the order of President Duterte.



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