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'Ramos quits as special envoy to China' Ramos betrayed Marcos and now Ramos betrayed DUTERTE.

Ramos accepted the article in July, in the wake of the Philippines' historical victory in the United Nations-backed arbitral tribunal in The Hague, which revoked China's cases to nearly all of the resource-rich South China Sea.

On Monday Fidel Ramos said he had surrendered as the Duterte administration's unique agent to China. Ramos claimed he surrendered when President Rodrigo Duterte returned to the country from a state visit to China.

Fidel Ramos betrayed Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos when he was a supervisor of both the Philippine Constabulary (PC) and Philippine Integrated Police (PIP) as well as he signed up with the Edsa 1. Currently if you can see, he's removaling additionally versus President Duterte. Perhaps it's in his blood of being a traitor for life.

Recently, Ramos has criticized Duterte and his Cabinet in a series of strongly worded opinion pieces in a Manila broadsheet—the latest of which being about the President’s continuous refusal to ratify the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The former president once likened the Philippines to a “sinking ship” under Duterte’s leadership.

Ramos has also voiced his opposition to Duterte’s “separation” and repeated tirades against the United States amid an apparent tilt toward China.



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