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Payback Time! How To Fight Corruption Yourself Using the Freedom of Information Bill

The Freedom Of Information Bill which has been approved by President Rodrigo Duterte has now been launched. Now, anyone can check public records and see if any public official is doing illegal activities.

In an informative article by ThinkingPinoynet, the writer gave a history of the FOI bill. He also outlined the steps of how to use it to fight corruption. You can use the FOI in the old school way which involves a lot of paperwork. But you also now have the option to use the eFOI which can be accessed in the internet. Here is how to use it.

STEP 1: Create an eFOI account. You can access it at www.foi.gov.ph.
STEP 2: Click on “Make a Request”. You will be made to choose what agency will have to respond to your request.
STEP 3: Fill in the details. Write about what exactly what you want know. You can basically asked anything which is considered as a public document.
STEP 4: Wait for the reply. All the replies should come within 15 working days after the request has been sent.
STEP 5: Get the document/data. You will be given a link which will give you access to the document you requested.

You can request documents on the DAP issues, the Mamasapano Massacre, and basically everything.
Now is the best time to be vigilant! Maximize your right for information.

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