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Koko Pimentel Tagged as Traitor by Duterte supporters. Find Out Why?

It is just about time Calling All DUTERTE Supporters: We have a TRAITOR in which is Senator KoKo Pimentel. We ignored WHY He appointed Delima as Justice Chair Before but today HIS TRUE color is YELLOW Favoring Delima despite all the evidence presented.

He is describe as a sheep but he is a wolve in sheep clothing.  A very Notorious Yellow Wolve that needs to be removed in the Senate Chair.

We need every support from all source of duterte follower to pin down and put a complete STOP the evil of this Koko Pimentel We are very BITTER of His Betrayal and no wonder his wife left him.

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  1. ang lupet ng adlib///ang galing ng editing////ang galing ng I.T nla mga frnd.

  2. binuhus na nla lahat ang kanilang kayamanan, pra makuha lang ang pamumuno ng bansang pilipinas, wow lupet nyo....kukunin nila kc/sa dami n nman na i pondar si pangulong duterte sa ating bayan.....dapat po patuloy tayong magmasid


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