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WATCH: American Airlines Catches Fire On Runway

The American Airlines Boeing 767 plane’s right-side engine failed and caught fire during an attempted takeoff from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Friday afternoon

The burning American Airlines aircraft threw some debris as far as a half mile, as its passengers hurriedly down emergency slides onto the runway of the airport.

It was reported that the General Electric engine suffered an apparent “uncontained” fire.

The burning American Airlines plane carried 161 passengers and nine crew members, who were all terrified and scrambled to safety upon the sight of flames on the right side of the plane.

The plane was loaded with about 43,000 pounds of fuel, according to Airport Fire Chief Timothy Sampey.

The American Airlines crew responded to a report of a No. 2 engine on fire but luckily, it had stopped well before the end of the runway, or else… something worst could have happened.

“This could have been absolutely devastating if it happened later”, Sampey said.

District Chief Juan Hernandez said: ‘About 20 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries that occurred during the evacuation down the emergency slides’.

Some of the injured suffered from minor bruises or injured ankles, but none of which were caused by the fire.

According to Leslie Scott, the spokeswoman of the American Airlines, Flight 383 was bound for Miami when it suddenly aborted takeoff due to an engine-related issue, which was followed by the sight of the flame.

The incident was rare to happen but it was extremely serious. The engine failure sent some debris from the engine spewing across the south side of the expansive airfield.

A portion of the engine’s fan disc was later found a half mile away on a hangar used by UPS.
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