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VIRAL NEWS: Leila de Lima CONFIRM she is now a religious preacher?

De Lima

Senator Leila de Lima has been out of the spotlight for the past few weeks. Apparently she has been present in catholic schools and churches preaching the word of God. 

 Netizen Mark Lopez in his Facebook page said that this is heavily supported by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

"Yep, the same senator who is accused of being a coddler of drug lords, who is alleged to have received bribe money amounting to millions, whose term as justice secretary, (helped) the illegal drug trade flourish and grow exponentially inside Bilibid, IS PREACHING before an audience of mostly catholic students, laymen, academe and clergy." he said.

 The man said he is wondering if the earth is still rotating from west towards the east. "Strangely, it still does." he said.

 Lopez claims he has heard that the senator secured a slot at Enchanted Kingdom and Star City to continue her preaching. De Lima is set to talk to children below 12 years old to discuss about drugs, killings and sex, he said.

Read full statement of Mr. Mark Lopez:


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